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The 20% Standard

Photo of two slices of whole grain bread and a latte photo credit: Beth Coller

Did you know most of our breads, desserts and pastries are prepared with a healthy helping of whole grains? Yup: our goal is to make sure a minimum of 20% whole grains make it into the total amount of flour in every recipe. We call it the 20% Standard because our ultimate goal is to make sure that every single baked good produced in house follows this standard. Every cookie, every muffin, every single slice of bread.

Wonder where we came up with this idea? We drew inspiration from The California Grain Campaign, which is working towards a goal of their own to ensure California farmers' market organizations require a minimum of 20% locally grown whole grain in products sold in those markets by 2020.

So next time you bite into one of our Sonora Wheat Croissants, Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies or Fruit Nut Bread, do so knowing that Friends & Family is committed to supporting California grain farmers and their efforts to expand the access of whole grains to as many folks as possible.

And the good news is, we are well on our way! Below is list of Friends & Family items that meet the 20% standard. Pretty cool, right?